National Coffee Day Deals 2015 : #NationalCoffeeDay

every 2015 national coffee day deal Looking for free coffee for National Coffee Day? We've got ALL of them. Well, at least all that have been made public. This list dwarfs those put out by USAToday and other sources.

National Coffee Day Deals 2015

Of course, for us coffee freaks, every day is National Coffee Day. For normal people, it’s just one day a year. This post will show you every place you can snag a free coffee on National Coffee Day 2015. There are enough offers here that you can obtain a massive caffeine buzz and add a few pounds from free donut consumption. This is the most comprehensive list as of now, but new coffee deals will surely be added. Deals will be added as we find them. Please feel free to submit deals we may have missed in the comments!

Dunkin Donuts


Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

More deals from Coffee Bean

Krispy Kreme

Peet’s Coffee

Whole Foods

Cumberland Farms

Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.

Tim Hortons USA

Dutch Bros

Ok, this deal confused me. When your purchase a coffee, you receive 9 stamps on your card, so you’re 9/10ths to a free drink! Nearly a true BOGO. :)

Biggby Coffee

Guess what?! It's National Coffee Day! We can't think of a better way to celebrate (or party on a Tuesday for that…

Posted by Biggby Coffee on Tuesday, September 29, 2015


LaMar’s Donuts

Pilot Travel Centers

Stewart’s Shops

Coffee Beanery

This offer is only available at certain shops. Click the link in the tweet to see which ones have it.

Gloria Jean’s Coffee

Join us for National Coffee Day September 29, 2015 for a FREE 12oz Brewed coffee at your local participating Gloria Jean's Coffees coffee house. – One free small 12oz coffee per guest

Posted by Gloria Jean's Coffees on Monday, September 28, 2015

Specialty’s Cafe

Get ready… #nationalcoffeeday is tomorrow, Tuesday 29th. Get a #free cup of drip coffee with food purchase!

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Reunion Island Coffee

Carlo’s Bakery

The Blue Bean

Oklahoma City, OK

Tazza D’Amore

San Francisco

Kaldi’s Coffee

St. Louis, MO

Top Pot Doughnuts

Seattle, WA

The Tuscan Gun

Brooklyn, NY

Tomorrow is #nationalcoffeeday Join us @thetuscangunoa for a #FREE cup of your favorite, courtesy of @lavazzausa 8am-12pm

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Bristol, UK

Online Coffee Deals

Mister G Coffee

Starbucks Store

Cafe Britt

Koa Coffee

HiLine Coffee

1st In Coffee

Old Coffee at the Office: Drink It or Dump It?

old office coffee

Old Coffee at the Office: Drink It or Dump It?

guest post by Brittany Goodwin

In the corporate world, access to large amounts of coffee is a pretty basic necessity. For many office workers, a coffee break is not only a way to get some energizing caffeine into their systems; it’s also a good excuse for a mental break and a chat with some co-workers. But having your coffee in the office presents some unique problems, such as the question of what to do with old coffee: drink it or dump it?

Well, that depends on a number of factors:

How Long the Coffee Has Been Sitting There

Anything that has been left out in the open air has a relatively short lifespan. And while you were concentrating on that report for your boss, your coffee may have become somewhat unpalatable. The oils in your coffee can start to go rancid after four hours or so and, while this is usually not enough time to make you sick, it won’t make the coffee taste any better. Not sure when you put that cup down? When in doubt, pour it out and get a fresh one!

Verdict: Dump It!


Whether You Put Creamer in It

Creamer limits the life of your coffee even more, as we all know that it’s generally a bad idea to leave dairy products out. However, between the preservatives, pasteurization process, and existing bacteria that is in dairy, it’s unlikely (though not impossible) that you will get sick after a short amount of time. That’s why you’ll hear people tell you that they drank coffee with cream from the day before and were fine. Nonetheless, the longer that the drink sits there, the more bacteria in it will grow (and you do not want to be the exception who gets food poisoning). Thus, it’s a good idea to just grab a new cup if your cream-filled coffee has been there for more than a couple of hours or so – just to be on the safe side.

Verdict: Dump It!


Whether You Kept It in the Fridge

Refrigeration will keep bacteria from forming in your cup for longer periods of time, and can extend the life of your coffee for several days. If you have a cup of coffee that’s starting to get unpalatably cool, try throwing it in the fridge to make an iced coffee! You can even bring in a small ice tray if your office fridge doesn’t come with an ice-maker, and use flavored creamers or coffee to make specialty drinks! When saving, try throwing a lid on it to keep other contaminants from getting into the cup. However, if you forget the coffee for more than a few days, scrap it and start over with a new cup.

Verdict: Drink it for a few days at most

Whether You Are Using a Microwave

Many people mistakenly assume that because they used a microwave to reheat coffee, all of the bacteria will be wiped out and it will be safe. Unfortunately, microwaves are notorious for their uneven heating, and that inconsistency extends to their bacteria killing abilities. Microwaves work by vibrating the molecules within food and beverages through their exposure to radiation. The problem is that they work from the outside in, often leaving pockets of the food or drink unheated. If you are lucky enough to work in an office with an actual stove, use that to achieve even heat. If not, skip the microwave and just get another cup! Besides, have you ever noticed how nothing tastes the same after it’s come out of the microwave – and not in a good way?

Verdict: Dump It!


Old coffee usually poses some minor risks and just doesn’t taste good. So there’s really no reason to drink it if you have access to a consistent supply of fresh joe through your office’s coffee service. What’s the longest that you would trust old coffee?

Origin Trip to Colombia! #MindTheBean

COFFEENATE colombia origin trip

Colombian Origin Trip

When you think of Colombia, you think of coffee. I was recently invited by Café de Colombia, to visit the country and learn more about what they are doing, and to visit a coffee farm. I quickly jumped at the chance to meet the people behind Colombian coffee, farmers, co-op workers, and the folks at Cenicafé. My time in Colombia was only a few days, but the experience will last a lifetime. It was truly an inspiring and awesome adventure!

I will go into more depth in future posts, but this post will be a general collection of my pics and some initial thoughts. I was really struck by how advanced the coffee industry is in Colombia. The coffee industry in this country is in sharp contrast to less developed origin nations. There are many resources available to the farmers, who largely own the land they work.

American Consumers Are Changing The World!

Another thing that I found interesting is the impact that the western marketplace is having upon the country. As consumers have become more aware of the production of coffee from seed to cup, and not just the product on the shelves, it is having a significant impact upon this producing nation. There is more emphasis on quality, sustainability, and an increased focus on all-around ethics. I began this journey thinking it had the potential to become an exposé, what actually happened was quite the opposite. I listened and learned.

The Pictures!

Here are many of the images that I took during my visit to Colombia. I met some amazing people along the way and of course consumed some of the world’s finest coffees!

Click to see the pics! [Continue reading]

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